My book! Inside the Lost Museum: Curating, Past and Present.

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I’m Steve Lubar. I’m a professor of American studies at Brown University and faculty director of the Center for Digital Scholarship. I teach about museums, public humanities, and technology. I’m on twitter @lubar. My email is lubar@brown.edu. My official Brown information page is here. Many of my scholarly articles are in the Brown Digital Repository, here. Syllabi and miscellaneous presentations are on Scribd, here. More developed essays are on Medium.

I publish short essays here on a range of topics, and provide links to things published elsewhere. I’m working on four interconnected areas now:

I also occasionally blog about teaching and learning.

You can see an archive of all of my posts here. Some of my recent and favorite publications, here and elsewhere:

Some recent interviews about Inside the Lost Museum:

And a podcast discussion of my skills course:

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